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lets get this party goin

you know its amazing that unless you actually TALK to people, you dont know how cool they really are.
i had alot of fun at dan's last night. i talked to leron and ashley powley (sorry if thats spelled all kinds of wrong) alot, and they are really two nice and awesome girls.
last night felt good. like everyone fit in no matter what.
thats a good feeling sometimes.
minus my many many mosquito bites i had a swell time.
muy fantastic
peace out.
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Yeah, it was cool getting to know you and everyone else.

Thank goodness I had that book. Haha.....


We should hang out sometime, yep. And on purpose. =]
thanks mam'
that book totally made my day...
ya know whatever :)

but yeah definately should hang sometime. good stuff.
You have to be high to do drugs.

BEER = OUR anti-drug

eew. is that you in that picture up there?
i feel really really bad cause your thing didnt work. i will wake you up at 6 am to make sure i can print it out.
cause cool. with a capital OOL.

smell this!
:o)I had a super time the other night, aswell. We should do it again in the near future.

You are a very cool and fun person.

Hang out sometime, eh? give me a ring-a-ling 565-1364.

<3 Ashly, lets dance, Powley.
hey yo! we have a class together now.
maybe i will sneak up behind you tomorrow and throw a pie in your face.
or maybe somehting not so drastic.
ya know...
ayes to the hanging out. it would be mighty fun.
you may call me anytime also 9943503

Jesska...just plain old Jesska D.