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i seriously dont like chocolate milk.

here here!

yesterday was fantastic.
ive never seen so much chocolte milk in my lifes.
and ive had many lives.
Nicole Liz and I had a fun adventure at publix and the ice cream shop.
and we had some girly bonding time in the band room.
and on skylers bed watching freestylin'.
i had a really wonderful time.
it amazed me how normal kids drink alcohol and puke their brains out...but not the people i hang out with, those people puke chocolate milk
i like you.

i also saw big fish last night ith skyler sean lauren butterwick rob and red. i really really loved that movie.
yeah so i cried so what?
it was good.

i wish i had more pretzels, they were a little spicy a little zesty good for everyone.

i made $50 today for my first day as a server. not too bad consider i only had 2 tables inm sectiona ll day. i like my job. and i like YOU. mmmmm..
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