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make new friends but keep the old

welcome to Today was such an annoying day! By Jessica DeMarinis.

sometimes i feel like that annoying friend who calls you all the time but you dont really want to talk to them so you just ignore them or you say youre busy with something else.
im stupid.
sometmes thugh, it hurts my feelings.
maybe baby.

good thing i have sombody who loves me.
or else id probably cry alot.

one is silver and the others gold.
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jessica sits next to me in drama....and it makes me, happy. good thing she does...or else id probably cry alot
Robin makesme laugh alot in drama, good thing she does cause I thnk shes pretty and funny.
that didnt make sense.
i was trying to say thanks :)
and you cheer up little miss.
Hi there.

It's taken quite a bit of time to find some way to contact you. you have aol or yahoo? I'd like to get to know ya, like Erica told ya a while back.

sorry if this is a little odd- she just gave me your url for the journal.

peace out,

yes ive heard of you some :)
i haver AOL.

you can talk to me whenever youd like.