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you have the prettiest eyes, i like to stare into them.

last night i talked to my best friend who i miss alot.
she used to be so full of life and energy and happiness.
i was so amazed by her..and last night when i talked to her she was so sad.
it really hurt me to hear her like that because she never used to think that way. she never used to do drugs. she never used to drink every night. and now...its like she cant make it unless she does. and i hate having to think about her that way. i miss her...i miss her alot.
its so weird to me how things can change soo quickly. and nobody even notices until one day they look at their life and they think what the hell happened?

in my case..i had a good change. im so much happier than i was like 5 months ago. or how ever long ago summer was. but in her case...shes so much worse. and in alot of people's cases.

i wish the world was a happier place.
cause there is so much beauty...its just hard to see it sometimes.
maybe itll catch up with her soon :)

on a weirder note. i got my tongue peirced. and im so hungry. and its stinky :)
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